Laugh Loud, Laugh Proud

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I recently watch the recent YouTube video sensation of “Laughing Chewbacca Mask Lady” and I loved it!  It was great to watch someone having so much fun and, in turn, I was able to have as much fun for myself.

These days there is so much media and information that can create anxiety, stress, and fear that it can trigger us to feel hopeless and helpless at times.  As a therapist, it’s not uncommon for me to experience clients who feel stressed out with their day to day life and little relief.

Laughing can be one of the best ways to relieve stress and anxiety. Just think about any time when you’ve laughed and laughed until it hurts; you probably felt relief, joy and a sense of being a little lighter in the world. Laughter is medicine for the soul!

3 Things You Can Do Today to Laugh
1.Watch the Laughing Chewbacca Mask Lady video ( Then find something at home or at the store that you can use to be silly and just have fun. Go for it!

2.Watch that funny movie again – yes, the one that made you cry from laughing so hard. It’ll be worth every penny!

3.Dance to any song that makes you smile. Put the music on and then just let your dance moves take over and smile until the song ends – then repeat!

Note: all fun activities can be enjoyed solo or with others.

Now go out there and laugh loud, laugh proud!

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