Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Anxiety

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For many adults who suffer from anxiety and panic disorders, everyday life can be challenging and more difficult than most people realize. The anxiety can result in a dreadful fear of certain events, impending thoughts of a panic attack, and the persistent physical symptoms. This can be all the more difficult when you feel like no one else understands what is going on.

Society often attaches certain stigmas for those who suffer from anxiety and minimize their experience. Below are some common things that people with anxiety often experience.

  1. “Calm Down” can be annoying and ineffective.
  2. Panic attacks are never convenient.
  3. Physical symptoms can show up in unexpected ways.
  4. Fear has a different meaning for different people.
  5. Being anxious is more than just being stressed out.
  6. Overthinking is exhausting (but you can’t help it).
  7. Your phobia is minimized or joked about.
  8. Stigma about treating anxiety with medication

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can be helpful for those with anxiety to help them learn new skills and tools to manage their anxiety symptoms.

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